Tuesday, November 04, 2008

US Polls Declare that Obama would win the Election

Visit this link: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/in_depth/629/629/7360265.stm


Anonymous said...

hello. I've been an avid reader of your blog. Though this comment of mine isn't really realated to what is in this post, I want to thank you for posting inspirational post here.

I really don't know what action to take right now. I am in a kind of dilemma... I'm about to graduate this year in college and I want to become a lawyer. UP LAE is two weeks from now, I'm not sure if I'll take it...

I'm trying to follow God's will but I really don't know what is it.
what do you think should I do?

-a college student- :D

Ronald Molmisa said...

hello anonymous,

i hope i can know you by name and your email. Hindi naman ako nangangagat. hehehe.

thanks for the comment. i also experienced the same dilemma when i was about to graduate from college. i also desired to become a lawyer but God has another plan for me. Nagkaproblema nang kukuha na ako ng LAE (my interest fizzled out and I failed to gather the amount to take the exam).

I finished my masters degree instead and now planning to start my phd next year. As you know, based on my posts, I am now teaching in DLSU.

well, God has unique, specific plans for each of us. Maybe I just want you to have the following guidelines (based on experience and Word of God). I hope these could help you.

1) What is the greatest desire of your heart? Is this desire God-pleasing? If yes, I think you can have the peace of mind of pursuing your dream.

2) Can you imagine yourself spending the rest of your life being a lawyer? You must identify your bliss and happiness. God created us with and for a purpose. Commune with God and ask Him what He really wants you to accomplish in your life. Life will be more difficult if you will miss HIS GRAND plan for your life.

3) Assess your potential by your life experiences. Talagang bang pang-lawyer ka? If you are really into this career, kaya mo bang magbasa ng sandamukal na libro? Kaya mo bang magpuyat at magsulat nang walang reklamo? Only you can answer these questions.

4) If you plan to take LAE, try mo lang, baka doon mangusap ang Panginoon. Magkano na ba exam ngayon, P700? Great dreams always entail great risks and LEAP of Faith. But I don't think P700 is a big risk.

Again, I hope to know you personally. I am only cross-posting my articles here. You can also visit my other sites: www.kuyaronald.multiply.com/ rcmolmisa2.multiply.com

God bless YOUth,