Sunday, April 01, 2012

Lovestruck: Your Refresher Course on Love (by Deb Bataller, CBN Asia)

Ronald Molmisa, author of OMF Literature bestseller Pass or Fail, presents another pocket-sized but very likeable book dedicated for the young generation.

What started as a series of Molmisa’s seminars in 2006 is now an in-demand read. Lovestruck: Love Mo Siya, Sure Ka Ba? tackles a huge and crucial topic among the youth: love. It aims to give a fresh and different view on what many people regard as the most wonderful feeling one can experience.

The author maintains that love is something more than mere emotions and feelings. For Molmisa, love is not about romantic dates, nor sex, nor happy thoughts. Love is more than attraction and mutual understanding.

There are many things to learn and understand about love. And that’s why Lovestruck was written.

A Challenging Task

One can find so many good books about love, but very few that talk about love the “Pinoy” way. Thankfully, Lovestruck is one those few.

With relevance to our culture, a very relatable language, and lively flow of thoughts, the book is surely different from all other love titles. After all, it’s the product of one man’s burden for the love-hungry youth.

What's "real" love got to do with it? Find out in this teaching.

“That’s the challenge of writing a book like this. You don’t just write anything you want. You have to strike a chord in young people’s hearts,” explained Molmisa, who is also a professor and a pastor.

“Young people nowadays are very passionate, and that’s why you have to choose the words, the thoughts, and the very message of your book. Otherwise, it will just be another ordinary love book.”

Fake Faces of Love

Molmisa added, “It is not unusual for young people to be involved in relationships. More than their studies, the issue is about building relationships because they need affirmation. Their-self esteem is connected to their relationships.”

According to the author, today’s young people have acquired and believed off-beam notions about romance and love: casual or recreational dating, living in, friends with benefits, flings, no-sex-no-spice, et cetera. All these are the fake faces of love.

“Many young people like to find love in the wrong places. Boys and girls can find all the materials they can read and watch to feed their minds with ideas of love. I was deeply bothered and burdened with the rising number of young people experiencing hurts and pains simply because they don’t know what genuine love is,” Molmisa shared.

“And that is why I wrote Lovestruck. It’s a guide for them to find a positive outlook in life and a way out of their complicated love life.”

A Must-Read

Lovestruck is timely and significantly relevant as it gives love a deeper understanding and meaning. It presents love in a different yet interesting and engaging way—love as a precious and an untainted gift from God.

Another notable thing in the book is its academic nature. Lovestruck was written empirically, based on facts, completed studies, and experience. In addition, the author’s bold way of presenting his convictions, the Gospel, and the truth about Christ’s love was very exceptional.

Another impressive feature of the book is its wide scope of topics, despite its handy size. It talks about common misconceptions about love, the importance of waiting and prioritizing, involving one’s family in a romantic relationship, and, of course, the real definition of true love.

Molmisa said, “I wrote Lovestruck to tell young people not to enter in a relationship without a serious motivation, and that is to find a lifetime partner. Entering a relationship means you are preparing for marriage. So, think about it a million times.”

If you are still confused about what genuine love means, go grab a copy of this book. It’s never too late to save yourself from getting hurt and broken-hearted, and discover what true love really feels.


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