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YOUTH EXPLODE....November 29, Folk Arts Theatre (A Different Kind of Youth Gathering)

May ginagawa ang Panginoon sa kasalukuyang henerasyon ng kabataang Filipino. Ang pagtitipon sa Folk Arts Theatre ay kakaiba dahil sa magsasama-sama ang mga kabataang Evangelical, Katoliko, Protestante at iba pang youth organizations upang ideklara ang kahalagahan ng pagbabasa at pagsasabuhay ng Bibliya.

Nakikita ko na ang bunga ng mga panalangin ng maraming youth ministry leaders sa nakaraang mga taon. Indeed, revival is happening in this country which will start among the younger generation. This is really EXCITING and GLORIOUS.

Walang bayad ang pagpunta. You may contact me or Ptr Roni of PCEC for information and details (


A look at our Philippine context shows that more than half of Filipinos do not own a Bible. A survey conducted by the Philippine Bible Society (PBS) revealed that 60% of Filipinos do not own a Bible. Among young people, both teenagers and young professionals, the number is bigger: 70% do not own a Bible. If we are to take the Bible ownership as a sign, then this is not a very good one.

Even among young people who own a Bible, a great number acknowledge they do not read it because they do not know where to start, do not know how to read the Bible, nor do they understand the Bible version they have. But the most striking revelation is that many of them don't read the Bible because they do not see the benefits of Bible reading in their lives.

It is in response to this reality that the Philippine Bible Society (PBS), together with the National Council of Churches in the Philippines (NCCP), the Philippine Evangelical Church Council (PCEC), and the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) through its Episcopal Commission on Biblical Apostolate (ECBA) and on Youth (ECY), and other independent churches and groups have come together, prayed together seeking God's guidance, and decided together to come up with a deliberate Youth Scripture Engagement Program --- the Y! EXPLODE: The Bible Adventure Series.

This whole day affair has a two-fold aim:
1. To kick-off a nationwide drive to heighten Scripture awareness among our Church and Youth Ministry leaders that could be followed-up at church council levels.

2. To develop thereafter relevant youth programs ("explosion series" of the Bible Adventure), thus ensuring continuity and heightening of awareness level.

Target Participants

This first in the series is intended for young people and those who work in the ministry (youth ministers, youth workers, youth leaders, etc). Expected number of participants is eight thousand (8,000).


6:00AM Bible March
Participants gather and march from two points (Rajah Sulayman Park in Malate, Manila and Derham Park in Pasay City [at the back of Cuneta Astrodome]) and converge at the area between the Cultural Center of the Philippines and Aliw Theater, and move as one towards Bulwagan ng Panginoon (Folk Arts Theater).

BLUE for PCEC, GREEN for CBCP, RED for NCCP and WHITE for independent churches/groups.

8:00AM Enthronement of the Word / PBS Anniversary Service
God's Word is enthroned in its central place in the assembly. Everyone participants in the service for the 109th anniversary of the PBS, with Pastor Ed Lapiz of Day by Day Ministries speaking on the Bible, the Youth, and the Philippines.

10:30AM First Plenary: "The Bible, the Youth, and the Workplace" / Group Interaction
Participants get to meet new friends. They listen to Mr. Bo Sanchez who will discuss with them the place of God's Word in their life as young people. After some time for internalization, they will enrich one another in their small groups with their insights.

12:00NN Lunch Entertainment: Wow wow WORD!
While taking lunch, the Grand Finals of the inter-school Bible Quiz will be held, with bonus performances and games where everyone has a chance at exciting prizes!

2:00PM Second Plenary: "The Bible, the Youth, and the Church" / Group Interaction
Back with friends in their respective small groups, participants discuss with Pastor LA Mumar how young people find their place in the Church through the Word. This culminates with personal reflection and small group sharing on their realizations.

3:30PM Bible Concert!
To cap this wonderful day, everyone gets to jam with some of the most popular names in the entertainment world... still connected with the Word! It will be more than two hours of fun with new friends, celebrating the gift of the youth and of God's Word which gives joyful meaning to everyone!

In between these main events will be lots of singing and dancing, chances to meet old faces and make new friends, opportunities to get to know more about your group and others, and of course, moments to be inspired and thrilled by Jesus' deep, deep love for everyone through His life-giving Word!

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