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Below are the answers of some of my students when I asked them about their definition/s of TRUE LOVE. The respondents belong to the 18-21 age group.

  1. Is when you are with someone whom you are comfortable and happy with.
  2. Is when two people accept each other’s weaknesses.
  3. Is when you are able to love unconditionally and you’re both happy in the relationship
  4. Is when you can be yourself with each other and still be happy. It is also when one can say they would die for the other.
  5. Is God because God is Love – He is not merely loving because He is love itself.
  6. Is like dinking booze, you know you’ll get a hangover in the morning, but you’ll take the risk and drink up anyway!
  7. Is when you feel that you have found the perfect person whom you want to spend the rest of your life with.
  8. Is something that can never be explained by words. It can only be described and exemplified through one’s actions.
  9. Is felt when you are willing to sacrifice or give up anything for that person. It is something that varies in meaning for it is based on a person’s specific perspective and his/her own experiences.
  10. Is something we will never find, it is just his thought of the perfect kind of love, but nothing is really perfect.
  11. Is when you accept someone whole heartedly. It is when you think about him all the time. It is when you feel secure in his arms.
  12. Is when you are willing to sacrifice anything for that person. Also, if you are willing to change yourself for the better. It is also true love if you’re willing to share your life with him.
  13. Never dies. It is giving, caring, not jealous, unselfish etc.
  14. Is a human emotion that goes beyond wordly desires, it has the ability to see beyond the physical appearance and sees another being in different yet special way. You have it you when you start feeling the mixture of joy and pain and is the reason why you want to live.
  15. Is when people have a deeper than usual connection. There are four elements of r a successful relationship: Friendship-Emotional-Spiritual-Physical, and in that order. Once these 4 parts are achieved, we can say there is true love due to the presence of love, trust and respect and acceptance.
  16. Can be defined by two individuals sharing something in common and their differences are not seen as obstacles but as traits that make them fall in love with someone even more.
  17. Is the kind of love that will never be forgotten by anyone. It makes the world of someone go round.
  18. Is that which is based on friendship. When you truly love someone, you never ask for anything in return.
  19. Is love that would last forever. It is unconditional love.
  20. Cannot be explained by writing down a hundred or even a million words of mushy things. It is something that goes beyond words, something special that is profoundly felt
  21. Is when you really accept the person despite hating all the qualities he/she may have. You don’t judge them rather understand. Actually words can’t really explain these two words but I believe that True Love is when you give and not really expecting for anything in return.
  22. Is a state when you have strong feelings for a particular person, despite and inspite of circumstances, differences and conflict.
  23. Is something unexpected and unpredictable. It is when you feel vulnerable, that someone is taking control over you. You function differently as a person.
  24. Is patient and generous. If it means giving up your happiness for the one you love.
  25. Is unconditional love. True love is when 2 or more people see the good things about the other and fill up the other’s shortcomings.
  26. Is an extreme feeling towards a person, a thing or something. True love makes you happy no matter how hard trials you may face because of your feeling towards that person or something.
  27. Is when you accept a person for who he/she may be without any conditions.
  28. Is something you feel for a person you are meant to be with. It may be unconditional in most cases.
  29. Is something one feels towards somebody special. It is felt in the sense that this person is willing to die for his/her special someone.
  30. Is feeling a sense of commitment and contentment towards another person, it is when you find someone that you are willing to share your life with.
  31. Is the feeling that two individuals feel when they reach a certain point in their life. It is also when both people are willing to give up/leave everything behind for the sake of “love”
  32. Is when you have deep affection to another person you are binded by marriage or an unsigned contract declaring your loyalty and trust to that person and true love is when you surpass and support each other through every obstacle you encounter.
  33. Means putting yourself last and prioritizing the ones you love even if it hurts. –means letting go
  34. A love that is not bounded by anything (unconditional). Is something that comes only once in one’s lifetime. Is the kind of love that everyone looks for.
  35. Is the perfect harmony of mind, heart, body and soul between two people wherein the Significant Other takes place of the Ego in the level of importance.
  36. Is equals to trusting the person
  37. Is like a burning candle in a dark room. It gives warmth and light that not even darkness can consume the spark it ignites.
  38. Exists when a person sees the future with the other person!
  39. True love waits! True is about destiny! True love is a very strong feeling that’s hard to explain. It may be a wonderful feeling or a feeling of pain. True love accepts not only the good side of a person but also his/her bad/horrible side.
  40. Is when two persons are loyal to each other until the end of their time.
  41. It is being able to commit one’s self wholly with love in a relationship, whatever the circumstances may be.
  42. Is being able to bring out the each others intimate and passionate selves to be able to completely commit.
  43. Should be the easiest thing to feel.
  44. You will never know what true love is until you’ve actually felt it.
  45. Is any kind of love. No one has the right to say whether it is true or not.
  46. Is simply the acceptance of a person’s flaws.
  47. Is not a passive effect. It is a “standing in”, not a “falling for”. It is primarily giving not receiving.
  48. Is finding your soul mate. Both of you are happy.
  49. Is when you feel more responsibility for someone? It is something which survives distance. God is the foundation of true love.
  50. Is the harmonizing of two person in mind, body, heart and spirit into a perfect being.
  51. Is a kind of relationship when both parties are able to achieve or experience happiness.
  52. is all about giving until it hurts….
  53. Can be defined as a kind of love wherein two people love each other no matter what, not giving emphasis on looks, intelligence or wealth
  54. Is when the happiness of the person you love/adore is more important than yours.
  55. Is madness if not controlled, but these brutal madness leads to brutal honesty.
  56. Is the most mysterious experience a person can have because it cannot be explained by words or rather words are not enough to explain it.
  57. Is the most complex feeling that intertwines with everything you do and affect you in every way.
  58. True love is a compromise.
  59. Is unconditional, seldom happens and is always mistaken to last forever.
  60. Is unconditional love however it does not mean that one should depend on his/her partner.
  61. Is kind, never jealous and knows how to let go.
  62. True love transforms a person (?)

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