Monday, October 28, 2013

LOVESTRUCK III: Unveiling the "S" Word by Deb Bataller (CBN Asia)

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear or read the word SEX? Do you still regard it, as something sacred and pure?
Or do you see it as a common practice that many people (married or not) engage in, simply to satisfy our carnal nature’s innate craving for pleasure?
To help us understand better this sensitive topic, renowned author of the best-seller Lovestruck series, Pastor Ronald Molmisa is back with a third installment. . Entitled “Lovestruck: Sexy Edition,” the book “presents the frequently asked questions and issues with regard to Filipino sexuality” and provides answers according to Biblical standards.
In the book, Pastor Ronald shares with us a comprehensive account of what the “real issues” are when it comes to sex and why it is very important to deal with these as Filipinos and as Christians.
lovestruck sexyIN THE DARK NO MOREIt’s sad how this three-letter word is evaded by many local Christian authors as a subject in their writings. Only a few dared to delve deeper into the matter. As the book’s cover color suggests, most of the topics presented in the book are usually “discussed in secrecy.”
Thankfully, we still have writers like Pastor Ronald Molmisa who are not afraid to take a stand on what the Scriptures says about sex.
What is also very commendable about Lovestruck: Sexy Edition is the book’s bold approach in explaining what sex is and what it is intended for. It is admirable how the author carefully included not only Bible verses, but also credible research, studies and statistics to support and to justify his well-explained points.
The book also make a clever way of exposing the misconceptions linked to sex and sexuality. It includes enlightening and well-supported explanations on what others may deem as sensitive and controversial topics such as masturbation and homosexuality.
GOOD MADE BADThese days, the meaning of sex and its purpose seem to be stained by the media.  Even for some Christians, our views of sex has been polluted and distorted. From magazines, to TV shows and even in music, the world depicts sex differently from what God had in mind when he created it.
According to the author, “the writing of the manuscript was inspired by the surge of issues which disturb our sexuality–the rise in teenage pregnancies in 2012 (per a United Nations report), the mainstreaming of the homosexual agenda in media , and mainly because of counselees (online and offline) who desire sexual restoration (i.e sexual abuse and porn addiction).”
WORTH EVERY PENNYUnlike the first two LOVESTRUCK books, there’s not a great deal of humor on this book.
“This book, I should say, is meant to be straightforward. This can’t be easily mixed with jokes lest it may [sic] send confusing messages and signals,” admits  Ronald.
Still, the author was able to insert funny quips from time to time to further engage its readers. He adds, “I tried to include humor in some sections but not to the detriment of its serious information. Compared to the first two books, this could be the most controversial since I expressed my position on sensitive issues.”
As with the first two LOVESTRUCK books, the Sexy Edition is also concisely and cleverly written. Each topic is discussed with  brevity yet with clarity. There are no dull moments in reading this book.
Given the interesting and informative contents compressed in a pocket-sized book, one can easily finish reading it. One will not regret buying this great read. Indeed, it’s worth every penny spent on it.
This book will surely bring some sense into our conflicted society when it comes to sex and straighten out the distorted view we acquired about it. It’s high time the “S” word be unveiled and a loud applause for Pastor Ronald Molmisa for successfully bringing it out in the light.

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