Sunday, March 02, 2008

Divided Opposition, Divided Nation

The efforts of Jun Lozada to create waves of support for his crusade against the Arroyo administration (due to the NBN-ZTE scandal) need more impetus for full-blown manifestation of desired results. I can see two major problems. First, the lack of resolve among opposition groups to replace the so-called "questionable" president. Different groups pursue divergent agendas. The radicals call for the resignation of the president even through extra-constitutional means. Meanwhile, the reformists are focusing their energies on discovering the truth and punishing the beneficiaries of the questionable deal. Other civil society groups simply fence-sit and discern the political climate.

Second, the fragmented political culture of the country makes the emergence of another People Power a difficult enterprise. Many would perceive the Lozada expose as another political ploy of the opposition party to reinstall former president Estrada. Others even suspect that Lozada himself is beginning to establish his political career.

Overall, I can feel a social volcano waiting to erupt. Wait and see.

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